About AgeNet

AgeNet, Inc. operates a comprehensive, national eldercare network to meet the specific needs of the fast-growing aging population and their adult caregiving children. This eldercare network brings together suppliers of eldercare products and services with businesses such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care providers, health systems, and organizations or companies with employee assistance programs.

Consumers that have relationships with members of the AgeNet Eldercare Network have quick access to dynamically integrated eldercare information along with products and services that help enhance the quality of life of older adults and their families.

The AgeNet Eldercare Network helps members expand the scope of products and services they can offer their customers and provides them with new revenue opportunities. Marketed under the “Solutions For Better Aging” promotional theme, AgeNet’s current product and service offering includes medical and personal care supplies, durable medical equipment, emergency monitoring, medication assessments, housing assessments and placement, home modification equipment, wills and advanced directives, long-term care insurance referrals, viatical life insurance settlement referrals, and reverse mortgage placement.

What is AgeNet Solutions?

Content, Commerce & Community

AgeNet Solutions combines content, commerce and community into a co-branded, “turn-key” program that enables businesses to increase revenue by anchoring existing customer relationships and soliciting new customers with a comprehensive offering of eldercare products and services.

Co-Branded Marketing Materials and On-Line Presence

AgeNet Solutions includes both a traditional marketing program and an Internet e-commerce strategy that’s co-branded with your name and our trademarked Solutions For Better Aging™ promotional theme.


AgeNet Solutions helps you offer additional value to your customers by providing dynamic content that addresses the complex eldercare needs of today’s families, including:

  • Geriatric assessments designed to pinpoint individual eldercare needs;
  • Up-to-the-minute information on diseases and health concerns affecting the elderly;
  • The latest news on geriatric drugs;
  • Expert advice columnists;
  • And more!

Commerce: AgeNet Solutions’ comprehensive portfolio of products and services helps you meet all of your customer’s eldercare needs through both traditional and on-line marketing channels. Your customers can buy through customized, “customer direct” marketing materials such as product catalogs and flyers or, online 24/7, via your Internet website — generating revenue for your business.

Community: AgeNet Solutions’ on-line message boards and chats provide caregiver support, extend customer relationships and enhance your brand image.