Geriatric Drug Reviews

(Prescription drugs, herbal supplements & vitamins)
Over 200 of the most commonly prescribed drugs for older adults

The Geriatric Drug Review provides a review of the prescription drugs most commonly used by older adults, organized by major diagnostic categories. The purpose of the review is to provide information to individuals and health care professionals to increase their knowledge of medications available and the benefits they provide within specific diagnostic groups most commonly affiliated with older adults.

This information was compiled by a Registered Pharmacist who is a Certified Diabetes Educator and is intended to reflect a viewpoint based on his experiences. Although it is not intended to be an exhaustive list, every attempt has been made to include the drugs the pharmacist feels are the most commonly used in each diagnostic group. Drugs are listed as preferred, acceptable, non-preferred and excluded agents with an explanation.  The preferred medications are considered the safest to use by older adults, offer significant benefits in managing the condition while considering cost.  The conclusions that are drawn are solely the opinion of the pharmacist, do not constitute medical advice, and are not intended as directions related to an individual’s medical treatment.   If you have questions related to medications prescribed to you, consult a physician.

  • Alphabetical Drug, Herb & Vitamin List
    (Lists drugs, herbs and vitamins by name. Over 250 listings)
  • Anxiety Drug Review
  • Alzheimer’s Drug Review
  • Cholesterol Drug Review
  • Diabetes Drug Review
  • Herbal Supplement & Vitamin Reviews
    (Herbal Supplements Search)
  • Hypertension Drug Review
  • Incontinence Drug Review
  • Insomnia Drug Review
  • Osteoarthritis Drug Review
  • Osteoporosis Drug Review
  • Parkinson’s Disease Drug Review
  • Stroke Drug Review
  • General Index of Drugs That Should Be Used With Caution By Seniors
    (Frequently prescribed drugs that pose significant risks to the elderly.)

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