AgeNet is an information and referral network designed to “Bridge the Distance” between aging parents and adult children by providing actionable information about products and services that are important to enhancing the quality of life of older adults and their families. Topic areas include: geriatric health, geriatric drugs, legal, insurance, financial, helpful products and caregiver support.

  • The Killer Chiller
    Did you know that nearly half of all hypothermia deaths occur in the elderly, often when the air temperature is a mild 60-65o F?
  • 85 and Working on 21
    Author Partick O’Brian continues to entertain legions of fans with popular Aubrey/Maturin Series.
  • One Family’s Journey
    by Sarah Botham (Chapters 1-7)
  • The Healing Touch with Dr. David L. Cram
    Dr. David L. Cram, both a physician and a patient with Parkinson’s Disease, will discuss a wide range of topics and utilize his expertise as a distinguished clinical investigator and teacher to make modern medical advances understandable to patients through stories, articles, and his e-mail question column.
  • Aerobics of The Mind
    Recent research on the brain indicates that mental decline is not inevitable. Marge Engleman offers fun, practical solutions to exercise your brain and maintain its health.
  • Products and Services that help bridge the distance between adult caregivers and aging parents.
  • Geriatric Medication Assessments Can Save Lives
    One of the most prevalent and overlooked health concerns for older adults is the adverse reaction to prescription and over the counter drugs. AgeNet’s NEWGeriatric Medication Assessment Service costs only $45.00 and provides a comprehensive assessment by a pharmacist with specific experience in geriatric pharmacy.
  • Online Wills
    Create a valid will — online — in only 15 minutes.
  • Mourning & Living
    Harriet Sarnoff Schiff explores how people deal with death and how “Chadults,” or adult children, deal with complicated situations like caring for aging parents.
  • Care Manager Search NEW
    Search for a care manager in your state. This growing group of professionals provides a can help evaluate housing options and arrange in-home services and transportation, and help with needs assessments, family conflict mediation and crisis intervention.
  • Browse the Internet Faster
    Take 5 Minutes to download “Award-Winning” software that can save you hours of browsing time.
  • Is There a Certain Age When We Should Stop Making Fun of a Person’s Age?
    Greeting card companies tone down messages for people over 60 and dish up “pastels and poetry.”
  • 50+ is a big age group!
  • How old is that celebrity?
    The ages and birthdays of famous people over 50.
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